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Romans 12:1 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is your reasonable service.

I have a secret that your medical doctors will never tell you. You can heal virtually any illness (mental or physical) with the right food. Did you know that? No one wants to talk about the fact that it is food more than anything that keeps us connected to the Matrix (the world). Do you know that food is the gateway to all other addictions and strongholds? We’re allowing ourselves to be over-medicated, over-fed (inorganic, toxic food) and under nourished when what we really need is detoxification and whole (organic) food. God taught me methods for helping His people get rid of years worth of toxic waste from the body as well as the deepest parts of their minds.


Healed, Whole Body & Soul VIP DAY. Your first leap of faith will be investing in your VIP Day. I call it a transformation activation. It’s a distraction-free day with me, that’s "All-About-You", designed to kick-start your transformation. You will leave with faith-based solutions, systems, and easy to do, customized for you, holistic action steps that you can implement immediately for RAPID, RADICAL RESULTS. Most people have never experienced this kind of personalized support.



28 Day Body & Soul Detox Beloved let me guide you through a life-transformational detox, designed to release all sorts of toxins from your organs, blood and systems as well as the deepest parts of you soul. My signature program will teach you how to eat your way to health, happiness and OH YES, weight lost by helping you to PAINLESSLY AND DELICIOUSLY FREE YOURSELF FROM FOOD ADDICTIONS. Give me just (5) weeks and you'll not only change the way you think about food, you'll learn how to prepare healing food in the tastiest ways.


"Healed, Whole, Body & Soul" 6 Month Coaching Program. You deserve to live a blissfully blessed, healthy and happy life. It wouldn't happen over night, but it starts with a choice and that's just a decision away. The Healed, Whole, Body & Soul 6 Month Program is not a "bandage fix" or another Yo-Yo experience. It goes deep into the heart and soul of the matter for cellular change. I created it for those who are serious about avoiding the Medical Matrix Rabbit Hole and are ready to take responsibility for their own health and happiness. Whether you chose private or group you'll receive strategic coaching, loving support, self-care training and awesome tools that will cause you to soothe your soul, heal your body and transform every other area of your life. Set up a call to learn more today because a healthy, happy life doesn't just happen.


Kingdom Cooking ~ Wellness Kitchen Lifestyle Intensive This exclusive hands-on intensive will ensure that you have the skills necessary to keep you and your family healthy and well. I can come to your home where you'll have me all to yourself for (5) glorious days, or you can come to my home once a week for (5) weeks of full-day classes. You'll learn how to set up your Wellness Kitchen,. I'll take you on a Health Food Shop & Tour. You'll receive (2) full-day cooking classes and much more. This could be a life-saving opportunity for  those who are ill. We also offer single and packaged Kingdom Cooking ~ Miracle Meals That Heal


Cooking Classes Knowing how to prepare healthy, culinary delights for healing, vitality and emotional well-being is one of the best things you can invest in for you and the ones you love. You will be preparing several mouth-watering, nutrient-dense wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, organic meals.


In Nine Months Private Platinum Program Are at the cross-roads of your life deciding whether to stay in your comfort zone or live your bliss? I can tell you that your comfort zone will be no comfort if you let another year go by without pursuing your Purpose-Driven Dream Life. Imagine if by healing your body and transforming your life you can receive 2 certifications that allow you to earn good money helping others transform. Awesome right?  I believe that the IN NINE MONTHS Total-Life Transformational Mentorship & Certification Private Platinum Program is the perfect vehicle to make that happen! WARNING: This program is ONLY for women who want to play full-out with total accountability, no excuses!



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The Kingdom Cooking (Miracle Meals That Heal) Cookbook in downloadable PDF format ~

Ask anyone of my clients or students and they will tell you that I believe in beautiful, super-tasty, soul-satisfying food. I know what you crave and I have you covered.

My Divinely inspired cookbook offers a wealth of need-to-know, seldom heard information, tips from me, and over 150 "to-live-for" recipes. Everything from soups and salads to lip smacking collard greens and sweet potato smoothies. And yes you can have Coach Carmen's German chocolate cake, cookies & snacks and eat them too. It's all here! $29.95 Click Here


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