Misticks - Moodstar Incense by Bernard Cappelli 
Create a tranquil and meditative atmosphere with our Misticks/Moodstar Incense sticks, designed for connoisseurs and those who prefer pure, clean fragrance and fabulous scents. Created by the Cappelli family who also make our best selling Room Perfume and Incense Cones. 20 Sticks beautifully packaged. 

$4.00 each

Tulasi Exotic Incense Sticks

Imported from  India, Tulasi brand Exotic Incense Sticks are a perfect way to add a touch of the spirituality  to your environment. Beautifully packaged 8 sticks per box. Available in the following popular scents:

Sage (Pictured)
Frankincense & Myrrh

$1.50 each

  Nag Champa Incense Sticks

What can one say about "Nag Champa" incense that can do justice to it's unique and enchanting aroma? If you've every experienced Sai Baba brand Nag Champa, imported from India, you will accept no substitutes. Yoga instructors, spa owners, massage therapists... they all love the Nag Champa in the little blue box. Try some, we think you will love it too.

$3.50   Quantity:  

 Frankincense & Myrrh Rock-Incense

The burning of frankincense and myrrh rock resins is an ancient art that's practiced today for the same purpose of cleansing and purifying one's environment and one's self. Frankincense & Myrrh Rock Incense is a powerful way to infuse the environment with the physical and spiritual benefits of these two sacred resins. Resin pieces are sold mixed together but can be used separately. Excellent for environmental conditions such as mold infestation.

$4.50   Quantity:


2 Pc. Solid Brass Burner

Add beauty to your fragrance burning ritual with an exotic diffuser. Our unique 2 Piece Solid Brass Burner may be used to burn your charcoal and Frankincense & Myrrh rocks, as well as essential oils and incense cones.

Chain included for hanging or moving the burner while coals are lit.

(Do not use burner on flammable surfaces!)

$14.50 | Quantity:


Charcoal Briquets     

Have you ever experienced the smell of spiritual comfort? Use our Charcoal Briquets to release the benefits of the our Frankincense & Myrrh Rock-Incense and Undiluted Essential Oils. Then experience pure spiritual bliss as your incense is released with the power of  elemental charcoal.  Simply hold the coal with metal tongs and light one end until it begins to glow and "spark". As soon as sparking is evident, place the coal in your burner. Sparking is the result of the self igniting feature built into each charcoal. After sparking has ceased, you may add our Rock Incense or Undiluted Essential Oils onto smoldering coals. Each package of charcoal includes 10 quick lighting briquets.

1 Pack for $4.50  Quantity: