Carmen Abercrombie, aka Coach Carmen, founder and CEO of Sharing The Bliss, is an extremely passionate woman of God. That passion has led her to follow her bliss. That bliss was actually her life’s calling to help believers renew their minds, heal their bodies, and manifest what she calls their PDDF (Purpose Driven Dream Life). Coach Carmen’s holistic roots go back to her grandparents farm in St. George, South Carolina where her Holy Ghost-filled grandmother, Emma Jane Hudson used homemade herbal remedies to anoint and heal the sick in Hudson Town (the town was co-founded by her great-grand father).

Carmen’s life has been a roller coaster ride that began in a Christian home Brooklyn, NY, with loving parents (Coleman and Deborah Stevens), and 3 close siblings... to at age 14, grieving the passing of her 41 year old mom... to winning the title of Miss Black America, Staten Island, NY and the Miss Black New York USA Beauty Pageant during college... to the death of her 55 year old dad... to marrying her high school sweetheart... to performing with Roots Of Brazil Dance Company... to developing 2 businesses... to helplessly watching 10 of her loved ones pass on due to illness.

Coach Carmen became drawn towards a holistic lifestyle at age 16, after her first visit to a health food store. She searched for natural alternatives to end her lifelong battle with eczema, but never made the diet changes that were necessary.

Carmen became a serious student of the Word in 1992 after becoming covenant partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Joyce Meyer Ministries. She answered God’s calling to teach holistic wellness from a Christian perspective in 1993.

In January 2003 her only brother, Nate died from a rare lung condition at the age of 38. That same year Carmen and her husband Anthony joined Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministries in Sayerville, NJ. To help divert her grief, she convinced her husband to help her built and open A Scentimental Journey (bath body beauty & bliss shop) and Spirit Spa (day spa) in Staten Island, New York. Two years later her husband’s only brother passed away from a peanut allergy aggravated my diabetes and high blood pressure at the age of 39. Stressful circumstances began to build, causing serious challenges in her marriage. And in 2007 during the final weeks of completing her studies as an Esthetician (a skin care specialist ironically) a major turning point occurred. Carmen became very ill from a life-threatening, horrifying, disfiguring blood disease the totally disfigured her skin. They had to close their beautiful, but debt-ridden businesses so that she could focus on healing her body holistically, without drugs.

While she was home-bound Carmen asked God to not only reveal the secrets to reclaiming her health (without medication), but to give her a step-by-step formula for transforming her mental state, and manifesting the purpose-driven dream life she was created to live.

During the three years of her recovery (which she calls her "Cocoon Experience") Carmen took the principles God gave her to create her first signature program Biblical Laws Of Attraction ~ 90 Day Dream Quest, and develop Zoë Spirit Practices. Three years later Sharing The Bliss (Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformations) coaching business was born, followed by the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox signature program, and the Kingdom Cooking ~ Miracle Meals That Heal Cookbook.

Carmen practiced Aromatherapy and created and sold Aromatherapy products and perfume for her company "A Scentimental Journey" from 1993 to 2007. She closed out all but two of her best-selling product lines, Healing Infusions Herb (Teas) and her Aromatherapy Collection. Both can be found here on the Sharing The Bliss website.

The Aromatherapy line renamed Restoreth My Soul Restoreth My Soul is also available at Tastebuds health food store in Staten Island.

Since we put up this page both of Coach Carmen's beloved sisters Darlene and passed away from pharmaceutical related complications. To Read Their Story Click Here and learn more about how she turning her pain into the passion needed to unplug God's people from the Medical Matrix.

"Carmen Abercrombie is passionate about many things However, her passion is based on one thing - helping people experience a sense of wellness, balance and beauty every day of their lives." Jaynies’ Magazine ~

Hello Beloved it's me Coach Carmen,

Before you read my bio I wanted to briefly discuss one of the things that make Sharing The Bliss programs so transformational. It’s the thing that most people over 40 stop thinking about as they settle in to the status quo of the “Matrix”. It’s expansion! Not just expanding your thinking but your entire life, your entire BE-ing!   I get excited every time I speak with a potential client because I know that if they are accepted in a program they are ready for expansion. When the Holy Spirit taught me the law of expansion it expanded me beyond my lack, my limitations and every messed up situation I was facing at the time. In fact, every program He's guided me to create for Sharing The Bliss has expanded me further before I made a dime. The law of expansion causes everything that is in the space of that which is expanding to shift. It will either expand too, or move out of the way. The reality is, the bigger your God-given dreams, the bigger the support container you'll need.

God has given me the instructions to create BIG programs (wombs, incubators containers if you will)  that will allow passionate believers to stretch and expand in every area of their lives. A church service on Sunday, a couple of good books, and a retreat or two a year are wonderful (keep doing that), but they may not be offering a big enough container for you. You must expand your spirit, mind AND BODY if you want to fit into God's plans for your life. It will begin with making an investment in TIME and BIG ENOUGH DOLLARS  to STRETCH YOU, HEAL YOU AND/OR BIRTH YOUR MISSION.

Yes beloved, this is what it takes to shake things up in the spirit realm and turn the universe in your direction. This is what it takes to open up the flood-gates of opportunities, manifestations and supernatural change. This is why Sharing The Bliss programs are literally saving lives, healing souls, setting the captives free, and empowering and expanding the wealth of God’s Kingdom army. Thanks for letting me share!

Much love,
Coach Carmen